Jenn Cashman lived in Zambia for a year and started the after-school program in the village.

Mid/Long-Term Mission

Mid Term Internship- 6 months to 2 years- Work alongside a National Zambian to learn the many faucets of the ministry including- Disicpleship, Family support, education, healthcare, feeding program, women empowerment and more. Learn to develop your own mission and ministry. A wonderful stepping stone for future missionaries. Nursing Students are welcome as well.

  • Volunteer at Hospital
  • Feeding program
  • After School program
  • Tutoring
  • Child care


Long Term- 2-4 years. Work alongside a National Zambian to do Mission Work in the Following areas.

Health Care- Nurse, Doctor, Radiology Tech, lab assistant, Physical Therapy, Pharmacist, Social Worker, Nutitionist.

Administration- Admin at the Hospital, Admin for entire ministry.

Education- Teacher, Preschool, Elementary, high-school tutoring and After School programs with orphan and vulnerable children.

Music and Art- Work with Children

Discipleship- Missionary, church planting, praise and worship leader.