A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.... or as some would say, "In the beginning..."


2007- Vicki Cooper heard God say, “Get Prepared”. She was attending at bible school- The Vineyard Leadership Institute. “The school asked the students to do a leadership project. Vicki attended Harmony Vineyard church, where the Senior Pastor, John Brown, had made a promise at a Promise Keepers meeting that his church would do something in “Africa”. Vicki was given several different options for a project in Africa. She chose an old book of orphans from Mufulira, Zambia. This book had been collecting dust on the shelves of one of Harmony Vineyards Pastors. Vicki proceeded to begin a small project to get these few orphans “Sponsored”. Like a mini- Compassion International. She quickly got sponsors for several of the orphans and a few widows.

2008- Vicki Cooper goes to Mufulira Zambia with her husband Leon Cooper and Pastor Deborah Shanks. They met all the orphans and the church responsible for giving them food.

2010- Leon and Vicki Cooper Lead a short-term mission trip to Zambia Africa. Gary and Rachel Chaney (Vicki’s Daughter and son in law) joined them with 7 other members of Harmony Vineyard church. They checked on all the orphans and widows they were supporting and did VBS with them. They also did 4 full days of free medical clinics. Gary and Rachel have been Registered Nurses since 1997. They were all overwhelmed with the lack of resources the country has with Health care and all the sick people they saw. At one-point Vicki and Gary were caring for a patient with active Tetanus while Rachel cared for a 6-year-old suffering in pain with cancer. This brought a vision for building a Medical Clinic in Mufulira Zambia.

2012- Gary reached out to Samaritan’s Purse and asked for assistance with medical Equipment for the Clinic of Hope. They began Fundraising for the Clinic. Samaritan’s Purse agreed and sent a 40-foot container to Mufulira Zambia full of used and new medical equipment.

2013- Gary and Rachel Chaney led a Short-Term Medical Mission to Zambia. Accompanied by other nurses and nurse practitioners. They held 4 days of free medical clinics. Visited the orphans and widows. Preached and taught the word of God. They also received and opened the Container from Samaritan’s Purse- There was equipment enough for a HOSPITAL.

2014- The Idea of building a Mission Hospital was birthed. Gary and Rachel went to Zambia on an administrative trip with friends/missionaries Willy and Zully Jimenez. They were introduced to a very poor rural village area in the Mufulira district with no health facilities.

2015- Gary and Rachel Chaney moved to Zambia full time as missionaries. They moved with their daughter Leah 7 and son Luke 6. When they arrived their sponsored daughter, Melinda kalyondo, 17 moved in with them too. A Short-term missionary team accompanies them where they do evangelism, prayer walking, and medical outreaches in the villages. They began doing ministry, purchasing land to build the hospital, starting the foundation of the hospital, and pursuing starting an NGO- Non-Governmental Organization in Zambia, Preaching, teaching, and making disciples who make disciples.

2016- Gary and Rachel established All God's Children Zambia a registered NGO in Mufulira Zambia. This ministry has 4 pillars- Discipleship, healthcare, family Support and Education, and Sustainability. It has a board of Directors with Dr. Charles Chiponda as the chairman and Medical Director.

2017- Gary and Rachel Continue ministry in Zambia. The Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope (MMHH) received a grant from Samaritan’s Purse to continue building. The walls go up, roof got put on, and the inside construction began. They also started small scale farming for sustainability. A short-term Team from the US comes to do evangelism, prayer walking, and medical outreaches in the village.

2018- The Ministry is growing. Gary and Rachel begin training local volunteers, missionaries, leaders, and workers to take over All God's Children Zambia. We have a young man from US helping us- Ben Stephan. Many programs are birthed from this ministry. Including teen discipleship, street evangelism, a prayer room, teen pregnancy support group, single mothers with HIV support group, women empowerment, a feeding program for neglected and malnourished kids, sponsorship for many orphans, widows, and vulnerable families, Learn it Program- for high school students- mentoring, discipleship, work program, with education sponsorship. Two local young men sponsored for Nursing School. Liina Peeters from Estonia joins the team for 9 months. Jenn Cashman from US joins the team and starts the After-School Program in the village with orphans. The Hospital is getting electrical (Jim VanZweiden from US), plumbing, floors, ceilings, and paint. Rachel and the Children return to US in May. Gary returns to US in August. All the construction of hospital and farm are done completely by hand and by Zambian workers.

2019- All programs are being run by local Zambian people. Vicki Cooper retires as the Executive Director of Loving God’s Children- US. Rachel Chaney takes the position of Executive Director. Gary Chaney becomes a director on the board in US- Director of Missions. Corner Stone Church of Blue Springs partners with LGC- Clint and Katie Tholen go on a short-term Mission Trip to Zambia with others from their church and Rachel Chaney. They to VBS with the village kids, women empowerment projects, and tile half of the Hospital floors. Gary and Rachel Chaney lead a short-term missionary team to Zambia in June. They do evangelism, prayer walking, preaching, teaching, medical outreaches, visit all programs. Then the Chaney’s stayed for 2 months.

2020- Electricity to the Hospital is being completed- Polls put up, lines ran from a farm 1.5 km away, transformer brought from South Africa, and final hook up by locals and local Electric Company. All Programs continue to run well. Corner Stone Church led a team to Zambia- Clint and Katie Tholen- Clint tiled the prayer room and helped start building a shelter for the feeding program. They also checked in on all the leaders, workers, missionaries, and programs. COvid 19 Hit US and Zambia in March. All Programs on hold- Stay at home rules being honored in US and Zambia. Dr. Charles Chiponda is full time Medical Director for MMHH.