Loving God’s Children has an accountant and board of Directors, including a Treasurer. The account in the US has online services- allowing the accountant, treasurer, Executive director to have access to the account assuring accountability. The only paid position in US currently is the accountant. All other jobs are done on a volunteer basis. The executive director does get her airline tickets covered to visit Zambia.

All God's Children Zambia has an accountant, board of Directors, and a Treasurer of the Board. The account as online services- allowing the board of directors, treasurer, and Executive Director to have access to the account even in the US. Gary and Rachel Chaney visit the Zambia board of Directors once a year or more often. Gary Chaney reviews the online banking.

There are many checks and balances in place to ensure the money donates goes to the program or individual the donor allocates. We have a 6% administration fee. 3 % stays in the US for administration costs and fundraising. 3% goes to administration costs in Zambia – office supplies, rent at the office and the accountant salary.