August 2015

Nine of us joined the Chaneys as they followed the call of God and relocated their family from Kansas City, MO, to Mufulira, Zambia. With 31 very large suitcases filled with medical supplies, eyeglasses from the Lion’s Club, school supplies, handmade children’s clothes and games, we found people who were struggling not only with day to day life with little to nothing in the way of food, water, shelter, medical attention…but people who were hungry for encouragement and hope, who welcomed us with laughter and sacrificially shared with us! Their joy for the simple pleasures of life and perseverance brought us a greater contentment for life with all its challenges.

That August, the land for the hospital in the village of Murundu was purchased. We all walked the land together praying for God’s heart and plans to be accomplished there.

Because we had four nurse practitioners with us, we conducted several medical clinics in two different villages, Three of us with no experience in eye care determined vision needs with a simple eye chart and gave glasses to countless grateful people. Many were tearful and all amazed to be able to see in ways they thought were lost to them. Some read the Bible to us. Something they hadn’t been able to do for so long. During the clinic days we took a long jump rope and children and adventurous adults lined up to jump. There was so much laughter! When our two teens weren’t busy helping with medical needs, they brought much laughter and delight to the hundreds of children, playing and working with crafts.
One Sunday, we walked the dusty “roads” of Murundu praying and worshipping God with the village people walking and singing with us.

I would say everyone on our team was changed by a deeper understanding of the love of God for every person in the world! Now, when we pray, we have a better understanding of the needs there.